greener grass design.

Greener Grass Design is one of my favorite webshops. It features the work of over thirty designers from around the world and basically everything is so very aesthically-pleasing.

daniele young.

Today's illustrator spotlight: Daniele Young. Her illustrations are so simple, yet so very lovely. I love her mixture of black ink and little bursts of color. Everything is so beautifully childlike and sweet.

You can purchase her drawings on mirrors and mouse pads here at My Favorite Mirror.

yosifa penina.

I would really love to own one of these belts made by Jules Sherman of Yosifa Penina. They are flexible, waterproof, and not leather, and each have beautiful 3D patterns.



Such pretty little items from the Japanese shop Salvia.

kirsten ulve.

Today's illustrator spotlight: Kirsten Ulve. I'd have to say that along with the great S. Britt, Kirsten Ulve was why I wanted to get into illustration. I fell completely in love with her clean lines, bright colors, feminine portraits, and retro goodness. Her clients have included Time Warner, Mattel, Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, and Rolling Stone, to name a few. I think she's wonderful.

makool loves you.

I really love the alphabet-inspired clothing designed by Anisa Makhoul of Makool Loves You. The duo of Anisa and her husband Graeme who run the boutique are yet another creative team to come out of Portland.

You can view their blog here.

kim westad.

Lately, I am a total sucker for simple, clean ceramics, especially hand-crafted. I recently found ceramic designer Kim Westad, who creates some really stunning vessels.

You can also view her Etsy shop here.



Patchwork is wonderful (I totally hear you, Blair). I used to find the idea of it too Country Living Magazine for me, but now I find the look of little squares of lovely fabric sewn together to be perfect.

Tonight I found Etsy seller JCasa, who makes some beautiful things with patchwork: bags, coasters, pillows, bibs, albums, etc.

brandie hart.

One of my dearest friends Brandie Hart just recently started a new blog called Cake and Ale where she features all the crafty items she is working on. The site will eventually link updates to her upcoming Etsy shop, which I am quite excited to see. I think the pendants she has been working on are oh-so beautiful.

chet & dot.

I have seen the work of the very talented Chet & Dot at craft shows around town, such as Crafty Wonderland and Handmade Bazaar. The products are the type that make you say, "awww," and yearn to purchase every single one of them.

anna chambers.

Today's illustrator spotlight is Anna Chambers. Her artwork is so very cheerful and retro, and I just love it. She has been featured in such magazines as BPM and Italian Vogue, and has even designed gift cards for Target. She also creates stuffed creatures sold here.

View her blog for updates and other fun stuff.

my folk lover : "off to grandma's."

The ever-so-lovely Catherine Campbell just updated her shop with these beautiful pieces of art, made out of card, old book pages, pen & ink, cotton, and delicately crocheted borders.

By the way, check out her blog. I am in love with it lately.

brooklyn handmade.

I love these hand-knit Converse for babies. I wouldn't ever buy Converse these days due to all the Nike sweatshop issues, but these are great (they are even vegan, made from acrylic yarn). They are by Etsy seller Brooklyn Handmade:


linzie hunter.

Today's illustrator spotlight: Linzie Hunter. Linzie is a freelance illustrator from London who has worked with such clients as Conceive Magazine, BBC Worldwide, and Supernanny. I am madly in love with her colorful style and cheerful portraits.

Check out her blog for news and updates.

eduardo baroni.

I love the new "Thinking Maching rocking chair" by Brazilian designer Eduardo Baroni:

kitchen items.

Above: Utensil set from French Bull.

If you ask anyone I know, they will all tell you that I spend a whole lot of time in my kitchen. There's just something so calming about being in there with an apron on and my hands dirty with flour and cocoa powder. Sometimes I'll even just stand in there with music playing and a cup of tea, staring out the window, just feeling good being in there.

Needless to say, I love kitchen items. Pretty things to set around or pop in my many cupboards.

ribbon coffee cups from Bunny Maxwell:

enamel pots from Lille Hus:

Orla Kiely mug from Heal's:

"washing up" bin from Bodie and Fou:

Green doily plates & cups from Lovely Lovely:

Teaposy from Whole Latte Love:

Kitchen towels from PataPri:

Pink & orange daisy plate from Isak:

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