the cupcake courier.

Oh, how convenient the cupcake courier would be to own. Each one holds up to 36 cupcakes, with trays that can be removed to transport a cake. And it comes in colors like soft blue sky, petal pink, and lemon grass.

justina maria.

I really like these quilted patchworked purses by Etsy seller Justina Maria. They go along with my current deep love of patchwork.


summertime : plum party.

I am all about this time of year. There is something so hopeful and comforting about the summertime. It's the time to be less of a hermit, make friends, drink cocktails outdoors, and make a number of plans.

Things I plan to do this summer (and you should too!):
-Wear brighter colors. Bring out the pinks, purples, and shocking blues.
-Make lavender lemonade and Hibiscus & Rose Hip Iced Tea.
-Bring a picnic and sneak in some wine to outdoor movie nights.
-Design something fabulous.
-Buy fresh berries and jams at outdoor markets.
-Put Lily Allen on headphones and seriously strut down the street to the beat (I've actually been doing this a lot lately).
-Take hikes and photograph flowers.
-Go out for lavish desserts or crepes.
-Discover new exciting spots in the city that I've never noticed before.
-Throw a spectacular outdoor party using goods like these from Plum Party.

shinzi katoh.

Illustrator of the day: the great Shinzi Katoh. He is one of the most famous illustrators in Japan, known for his beautiful paintings and insanely cute products. He has been doing art since the 70's, creating pieces out of various materials, and has illustrated five children's books in Japan.

-His gallery.
-A post regarding him on the wonderful Print & Pattern.
-Shinzi Katoh Design Zakka.
-Fabric designed by him at Superbuzzy.

nana rococo.

Gorgeous hand-painted & hand-screened wallpaper from Nama Rococo.

pdx in the street.

Today's big news : I have now started a Portland street fashion weblog called pdx in the street. I will be spending a fair amount of time photographing people I find who show great personal style. Bookmark it!


julia rothman.

Today's illustrator spotlight: Julia Rothman. Not only is Julia a fabulous pattern designer, but an extremely talented illustrator. She is a part of the animation team of Also (the website is grand!) and runs the adorable book blog Book By Its Cover.

giant dwarf.

Sue of Giant Dwarf is quite inspiring. She makes beautiful things, has an adorable little studio, and also designs t-shirts. She's a catch!

illico : mur-mur vase.

The mur-mur vase designed by C.Quoi Paris, as seen at Illico. So savvy!:

betsey johnson : shoes.

Ever since I was a teenager, I have been completely and madly in love with almost everything that Betsey Johnson has done. Her designs are courageous, loud, girly, sexy, and oh-so romantic, which equals nothing short of fabulous design.

And oh, how I love her shoe designs. So. Very. Sexy.

(from Zappos)

scandinavian surface.

I really adore the idea of Scandinavian Surface. They design patterns that can go onto any surface: chairs, coasters, tables, walls, etc. Their patterns are modern, romantic, colorful, and simple.

cake design.

Since design falls under a number of categories, I thought I'd show some lovely things that fall under one of my favorite subjects: cake design. I've found a number of beautiful cake designers on the internet that I just love, but today I shall show some examples from just two of them. More later though!

hand painted wedding cakes by Amanda Streeter:

wedding/specialty cakes by Mary & Brenda Maher, a.k.a. Cake Girls:

betsey walton.

Today's illustrator spotlight: Betsey Walton. I just discovered her recently through a show she has been featured in at Compound Gallery this month. Her paintings/drawings are too beautiful for words and so very gorgeous in person.

You can view more of her lovely art on her flickr page.

the collection : wall art.

I find this wall art from The Collection to be absolutely wonderful. Lengthy vinyl pictures of books to fill those small spaces... brilliant!

little bird designs.

Adorable new bags from Shael of Little Bird Designs:

branch : hobknobs.

Beautiful vessels, or "hobknobs", designed by one of my favorite ceramic artists, Amy Adams. They're made to hold "(almost) everything life throws their way."


local : greg's on hawthorne.

Continuing with my local shop of the week feature, this week I am spotlighting Greg's, another shop located on the ever-so trendy Hawthorne Blvd.. Greg's is a cute little shop nestled next to Oasis Cafe (a cozy cheap pizza joint) and features the works of independent artists, such as Queenbee and Apak, as well as a number of gift-type items: soaps, clocks, toys, wallets, greeting cards, etc. It's always a nice place to stop in the neighborhood.

french connection : dresses.

Just a couple of dresses I love from the Summer collection from French Connection:

my my : new goods.

There are a couple of fab new crafters/artists at My My:

address file by ugly kitty:

lovely notecards by 12fifteen:



I'm quite smitten with this heart bathroom set from Tokyomade.

And just look how cute their bags are...

bo lundberg.

Today's illustrator spotlight: Bo Lundberg. Bo is another example of someone creating fabulous design work in Scandinavia. His work reflects his love of modern furniture design and objects & patterns in everyday life. His editorial clients have included Wallpaper, Elle, Vogue, and the Los Angeles Times. He has also designed a fabulous line of notecards for Vigo which can be seen here.

doe: new!

New items added today to the wonderful San Francisco shop Doe:

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