flickr photo of the day : rain.

"Rain cleans everything" by OZ OZ OZ.

two things that i really, really like.

1. Aphrodite Shelf ($145) and 2. Dishware by Lorena Barrezueta

bunny figures.

Sorry everyone for the delay! As you can guess, I am pretty busy here, so updates won't be as frequent. But I wanted to share these adorable bunny figures from A+R Store. They come in a set of two with a book by the designer, Mr. Clement. Quite wonderful. ($98)


flickr photo of the day : at the beach.

And so, I am off on vacation to Kauai. I will still be posting as frequently as I can, starting tomorrow. Wish me a good plane ride with non-screaming children!

"beach" by instant.dreams.

tropical style.

Since I am leaving for Hawaii this afternoon, I am currently inspired by well-designed tropical/island/beach style...

1. Indelible Nature Serving Set ($38), 2. Orla Kiely Mug (€11,95), 3. Hampton-River Bag ($115), 4. Ardenne Headboard, Naive Tropical ($499.95-$699.95), 5. Red Bird Water Bottle ($11.99), 6. Hadley Hutton Tropical 2 ($155), 7. Fiji floral linen short ($19.99), and 8. Beach Strawberry Mirror ($6.50)

jennifer zwick.

Beautiful child photography from Jennifer Zwick's Constructive Narrative set. The settings are breathtaking.

julia pott.

I really like the illustrated works of Julia Pott, especially those adorable temporary tattoos. More of Julia's work (including some fabulous animation) can be seen on her website. (Via Krisatomic)


be kind, design: $15 sale!

Just a quick post to let you know that I am having a 3-day sale in the shop. All the shirts are just $15 until Wednesday evening. So hurry!

I hope everyone is having a sun-filled and relaxing weekend.


happy weekend.

Photograph by Adam Bartos.

Before I say goodbye for the weekend, I would like to share some of my favorite finds/posts of the week in the design world, especially since I focused fully on fashion this week and was unable to share some of these.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


flickr friday : fashion in color.

Just wrapping up this week's fashion theme. I love bold, bright colors such as these.

flickr friday : fashion in color.
1. Untitled, 2. Oxygen II, 3. elin & bag, 4. starkiller, 5. Giraffe's don't like rain., 6. Monochrome III, 7. 0207, 8. The Scarlet Saturday 005, 9. yellowblouse&seahorse, 10. Untitled, 11. ., 12. .4701, 13. a rare flower, 14. 0201, 15. candy lips., 16. Supa Pink

feral childe.

A couple lovely pieces of clothing from the most recent Feral Childe collection, the Brooklyn-based design team made up of Alice Wu and Moriah Carlson.

beautiful bits of inspired fashion.

1. 100 Years of Fashion Illustration ($40), 2. "gold" (au $100.00), 3. no. 205 Fifi wears Proenza Schouler ($45), 4. Hemline Stationery Set ($9.95), 5. Shoe Money Coin Purse ($3.99), 6. Dress Form Letterpress Card ($5), 7. Prince Print ($26), 8. Fashion Plate #2 ($9), 9. Mor Imperia Eau de Parfum ($58), and 10. Audrey Hepburn: A Life in Pictures ($40)


flickr photo of the day : blue & gold.

"New shoes" by neet editor.

dress like a cupcake.

I have seen this image all over the place the past month, but I love it too much not to post it on here, especially since it goes perfectly with this week's fashion/apparel theme. It is by an extremely talented London artist by the name of Hennie Haworth who truly has an eye for fabulous design.

sally scott.

Via Unruly Things

The photographs and short videos from the new Sally Scott Catalogue are so inspiring and lovely. Go see for yourself.


flickr photo of the day : snapshot.

"sally (Ophelia Fancy)" by DarkDaze Photography.

sass & bide.

I am quite enamored with these pieces from Australian designers Sass & Bide, the work of Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton. I love how feminine, sexy, and elegant they all are.

annika wester.

Beautiful fashion illustration by Annika Wester. We have this, which was designed by her, on our fridge and I love them. Her illustration's have such a sweetness to them.

things i'm loving: wednesday morning fashion week edition.

1. C.Neeon Dress Schiksal ($1,800), 2. Embroidered vintage clutch with optional strap ($22), and 3. Ruched Swing Skirt ($345)

4. Lattice Wedge ($77), 5. Hello! - Hip Holster ($36), and 6. Full Front Pleat Dress (£45.00)

7. Aphrodite Evening Bags (£35.00), 8. Just Leave Earrings ($55), and 9. Skirts: Flaunt ($299)


flickr photo of the day : in the grass.

"TINNA" by Saga.

secrets of charm.

I love the brand new fall/winter collection from sisters Estee and Sharon Elkayam of Secrets of Charm. Simple lines and romantic pieces in an array of lovely patterns and fabrics.

karen collins.

Stunning art direction and design from high-fashion photographer Karen Collins. She has worked with such impressive clients as Gucci, Vogue, Prada, and The New York Times. Such lovely imagery.


flickr photo of the day : fashion.

"Worn" by Nathiya.

I apologize that it has been so quiet on here today. There will be lots of posts this week, I promise. I have also decided to mainly focus on beautiful fashion this week, since I have been finding a ton of fabulous independent designers lately that I absolutely love. I hope everyone had a great weekend!


flickr photo of the day : grace.

Quickly, before it hits midnight!

"Gypsy Eyes" by Elif Sanem Karakoc.

floor sticker.

I am quite in love with this idea, so in love that I am dreaming of just throwing away our huge not-so-pretty floor rug and purchasing one of these right away. Beautiful floor stickers available at Rockett St. George (which would also make a lovely wall decal). (£62.50)

leigh beisch photography.

Some more mouth-watering food images, this time from San Francisco photographer Leigh Beisch. Leigh has photographed for a number of impressive clients, including Martha Stewart, Williams-Sonoma, Ghiradelli, and Chronicle Books. I really cannot ever get enough of talented food stylists and photographers.


flickr photo of the day : little trees.

"morning light" by clumsy bird.

currently loving...

soft, somewhat muted colors.

1. Tie Front Dress (£98.00), 2. Rain Tonal Crochet Dress (£30.00), 3. still life with berries 5x7 print ($15), 4. Veery Heeled Loafers ($118), 5. Vintage Ship's Tea Towels (£8.50), 6. Birds in Flight (€55,00), 7. Blue Berries Pouch ($12), 8. Bird Collage (price unknown), and 9. Butterfly Container (£69.00)

nothing is a mistake...

An inspiring and beautiful print by Danna Ray of Groundwork. ($20)


I have completely fallen for the Autumn/Winter 2008 collection from Mine. I love how edgy each piece is, yet still quite feminine.


flickr photo of the day : windowsill.

"tea jars on sill by feels just like home.

lili piri.

I can't even tell you how much I love the illustration of Lily Piri, an Australia-based artist I just recently found through bored&beautiful. I fancy the muted colors and animal subjects. Just lovely.

things i'm loving : monday afternoon edition.

I was in bed all weekend with a wretched headache, but I hope your's was much better!

Above: Matthew Williamson Silk Funnel Neck Dress ($1,500), 2. House Blocks ($60), and 3. Flieg Vogel flieg ($40)
Below: 4. Raquel Red High Heels (£119.70), 5. Sets of three - flowers ($36), and 6. Child of the Forest - Art Doll ($25)

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