style rookie.

the most stylish 12 year old ever?
My friend Alice just pointed me over to this fashion website: Style Rookie. I am completely in awe of how incredibly fashionable this 12-year-old is. When I was her age, I was in combat boots, stretch pants, and oversized environmentalist shirts. Can I adopt her?


  1. Wow. When I was 12, growing up in a small town in NZ, I was wearing sweat tops, sarongs, terrible foamy platform shoes, trucker caps, short shorts, singlet dresses over bootleg pants and lots of boys hand me downs.

  2. I discovered her with the blog "café mode" ( http://blogs.lexpress.fr/cafe-mode/2008/12/prodigieuse-tavi.php )
    it is amazing how she make her outfit!

  3. Tavi's awesome... I love her writing on top of her style!

  4. Tavi is amazing! I really love how witty she is (did you see her Comme des Garçons rap?) as well as her wonderful style sense.

  5. some people are just born fashion geniuses. i kind of get a little jealous reading her clever takes on the fashion world; i wish i had been half that creative and daring at her age.


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