fashion week : built by wendy.

I have been closely following New York Fashion Week, as I usually do, but I have to say- I am not really feeling it. I cannot really pinpoint what exactly it is that I am liking about the collections I have seen so far (Too 80's-esque? Furs? I don't know), but I am finding myself rather bored and uninterested.

That being said, I really love some of the pieces from Built by Wendy's show. Sure, there are quite a few ones that don't really strike my fancy, but I always adore designer Wendy Mullin's sweet romantic cuts and patterns. What does Mulin have to say about her fall collection? "This season's Built by Wendy woman is modest and winsome, a girl as much at home at her French boarding school as she is traveling the world."

Also, check out these photos from Refinery 29 taken backstage at the show. So cute! (all above images from here at Elle.)


  1. yes i love this show, the tights, the knee high socks, the dresses! so cute. some of the other stuff hasn't really caught my eye though either, i liked ruffian and united bamboo, but the bigger labels don't seem to be doing anything exciting really (except for erin featherston)

  2. hi! just wanted to mention that I’m posting the ‘ugliest fashion finds’ on absolutely not martha next week and I‘d LOVE to feature your find. email it to jackie at vanillaspoons dot com. credit and link to your blog, of course!


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