ten images of inspiration : i do.

After talking to my husband about renewing our vows next January (we want to do it every five years, as a loving gesture to one another), I started getting caught up in peeking through stunning wedding photography. Oh, I would have been quite happy to have had any of these photographers snapping shots at our wedding.

Photographers (from top to bottom:) Mel Barlow, Margaret Singer, Kate Headley, Max Wanger, Tec Petaja, Our Labor of Love, Jose Villa, Christian Oth Studio, Anna Kuperberg, and Laura Novak


  1. love.those.photo's.

    i'm green with envy.

  2. beautiful photos!!!!
    I love the one in the ferris wheel...xoxo

  3. This is a very inspirational blog : ) I agree that I would love to have more artistic shots like these of my wedding. If only.

  4. lovely pictures. and, i love the idea of renewing your vows every 5 years---what are your plans for doing so? photgrapher? just the two of you? big party?
    if you want to look at more wedding pictures- may i suggest axioo.com---AMAZING and UNIQUE stuff and perfect packaging.

  5. two of my friends (Our Labor of Love & Max Wanger) who also happen to be wonderful photogrtaphers on the same inspiration piece??!! I lovfe it.

  6. Beautiful photos! Loved the flower girl-butterfly. :)


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