ten images of inspiration : yellows.

Is it just me or has yellow been popping up everywhere? I have never been the biggest fan of the color, but suddenly I am really enjoying seeing it everywhere. Perhaps it's because I have a deeper appreciation for the sunshine since moving to rainy Portland.

Images sources (from top to bottom): Jimmy Backius, Mikael Dubois, Cig Harvey, Fifi Lapin, Abby Powell, Amanda Friedman, Julia Rothman, Rodney Smith, Miss Aniela, and Cori Kindred.


  1. oops i commented before i read the rules

    debbie k.

  2. Love it! Bring on the yellow!

    For 24 years, I fought my natural attraction to yellow (it is my astro-color), but now it brightens my life daily.

  3. I was set on doing our floor with black and white squares and then I saw these gorgeous yellow ones and I was hooked. But as you know, I've always loved yellow which is why I once painted my bedroom the color- Yazoo Yellow!

  4. what beautiful colours! yellow makes me happy :)

  5. beautiful post. I been feeling the same lately about yellow... I wasn't so much into it, but i realized this color is bright and so energizing!

  6. You know very well my love for yellow and if I could I would love to live in that yellow kitchen. Be still my heart!!


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