interior inspiration : exposed brick.

It is one of my favorite interior looks. I have always dreamed of living in a big loft with one huge deep red brick wall.

Sources (from top to bottom): The Selby, The Beach Locations, The Modern House, Alexander van Berge, Hallie Burton, Design*Sponge: Cathy + Erik, Wary Myers, Inspace Locations, Airspace, Delson or Sherman Architects, and Hulya Kolabas.


  1. exposed brickwork contrasted with clean white wash walls and stunning recycled unpolished wide floor boards is my most favourite interior style. I cant wait to buy a house!

    x gabrielle

  2. i totally agree. i think exposed brick is beautiful.

    i'v watched one too many "decorating" shows on tv where the "experts" insist on painting a brick wall some god awful color, or even worse: WHITE!!
    it infuriates me.

    frankly i dont watch those shows anymore because i think they tend to strip homes of any personality. (sorry to go off on this tangent.)

  3. Especially that last one. I have a big dark brick fireplace and I've been thinking of staining it white or ivory. I don't know.

  4. i'm a fan of the exposed brick myself. throw in some super-high ceilings and exposed wooden beams and i'm a happy girl.

  5. Those walls look wonderful! That kitchen...sigh.

  6. I adore this look. The back extension on our flat is all exposed brick and I never ever get the urge to decorate. I dread moving, I'll miss my walls so much.

    And oh, for that kitchen!

  7. All of these images make my stomach jump just a little. I love exposed brick.

  8. Oh how I love exposed brick walls! I have a worn painted brick wall in my little outdoor terrace (my apartment backs onto a warehouse) and I love it so, I just wish my apartment had some of that character too!


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