ten images of inspiration : the great outdoors.

A road trip over the weekend made me rediscover my love of outdoor imagery. Even if I'm not really the outdoor type.

Sources (from top to bottom): Franck Juery, madchen blogt, Aya Brackett, Tara Donne, Annabel Mehran, Cig Harvey, Brian Ferry, Erica Shires, Chloe Aftel, and Amanda Marsalis.


  1. So funny - as soon as I read "The Outdoor Type" in your post, that Lemonheads song popped into my head. I haven't heard it in years, but I used to love that song/band. When I clicked on your link I was surprised and happy to to discover where it took me!

  2. honored to be included in this nice collection, especially with such talented company. thanks!


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