collections : plaid at home.

It's true. I'm rather obsessed with plaids. Which makes me happy that they are all over the place lately.

1. langdale plaid cushion (£45), 2. Fashion Focus 40-pc. Dinnerware Set ($39.99), 3. Henning Sofa ($3,998), 4. Tracks Plaid Blanket: Black ($498), 5. flannel hottie cover (£22), 6. Scotch Tartan Drinking Glasses (set of 6) ($30), 7. Computer Love ($350), and 8. IKEA Stockholm Ruta ($14.99)


  1. i can never seem to get enough plaid - thanks for sharing

  2. Love all the plaids! I just bought a plaid shirt and have worn it almost everyday since bringing it home. Tis the season, I suppose.

  3. i love your daily pic, and the hot bottle cover so cool...


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