interior inspiration : cool greys.

I am loving the greys as of late. I'm sure after the long rain season, I'll be screaming for some color, but for now, cool greys are doing it for me.

Sources (from top to bottom): LivingEtc, Martin Morrell, Patric Johansson, Design*Sponge: Office, LivingEtc, Design*Sponge: Elisabeth Dunker, Richard Powers, Erik Johnson, Polly Wreford, Nicolas Matheus, Roland Bello, and Christine Rudolph.


  1. I'm loving these spaces right now. They make me want to completely rehaul my living room.

  2. I love gray!

    Gray is great! -- I wore gray for 22 days straight. -- http://handmadebydirtylaundry.blogspot.com/search?q=gray

  3. The grays are so lovely. It's not a color I've ever used to decorate and I find myself looking at it and loving it more and more.


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