interior inspiration : eames furniture.

You can't deny it- Charles & Ray Eames knew how to design a beautiful piece of furniture. I never tire of seeing their simple, modern designs inside of people's homes.

Sources (from top to bottom): Design*Sponge: Frank Viva, Design*Sponge: Mountain Label, Paul Whicheloe, The Selby, Canadian House & Home, Design*Sponge: Cathy + Erik, LivingEtc, Herman Miller, Apartment Therapy, Gunkelman Flesher, Inspace Locations, and Design*Sponge: Shona Cowart.

flickr photo of the day : falling.

Untitled by Genoceros.

currently loving : cc jewelry.

I know I have visited Candystore Collective many times, but I don't think I have ever noticed just how lovely their jewelry collection is. Every piece (created by a variety of designers) is just so unique and breathtaking. View the whole collection here.

collections : office space.

I am almost embarrassed about my deep love of office supplies. As long as I can remember, I have gotten excited upon walking into an office supply or stationery store, loving the smell of fresh paper, pencils, rubber stamps, and markers. I cannot really explain it, but it is just this odd sort of love that I have had since I was a child. Nowadays, I try to avoid major office chains and don't get nearly excited inside them as I used to, but I still really enjoy beautiful, quirky, and well-designed writing supplies and desktop accessories.

So yes, here are a ton of them that I have had my eye on. Perhaps someday I will have my own home office that I can fill.

1. Get the Hint Stickies ($6), 2. love tape ($7), 3. Ebony Pigment Ink Stamp Pad ($5.99), 4. Designer Duct Tape ($10), 5. Pencil Cup in Twist ($8.50), 6. Obscenely Important Memo Pad ($7), 7. Self Adhesive Tabs ($2.50), 8. Linear Stem Flip Book ($5), 9. AcmeStudio Eames Chairs Card Case ($34), and 10. DACHSHUND Business Card Holder ($4.50)

11. Orchard Owl Sticky Notes ($8.95), 12. Scriptorium Paperweights ($12), 13. Utility Task Clips ($7.20), 14. Marco Ferreri: Ellice Book Markers (Set of 3) ($150), 15. Wood Stapler ($24), 16. Dual-Tip Marker Set ($29.99), 17. corny raccoon • desktop notepad ($18), 18. Lace Tape ($10), 19. Russell + Hazel Bird Magnet ($15), and 20. Paperweight, Pink Heart ($14)

21. Perpetual Roll Calender (£25), 22. Swivel Calendar Tin with Stackable Holders ($5), 23. Letter Writer's Alliance Address Book ($12), 24. pixel colored pencils ($10), 25. graphic notebook paper ($5), 26. Slingshot Pencil ($9), 27. Diamond Push Pins ($13.95), 28. Cork Backed Desk Clip 4 colors ($10), 29. Break Off Pencils ($3.99), 30. enzo mari perpetual calendar ($160), 31. European Wooden Sharpener, Maple ($5), and 32. Snail Tape Dispenser ($14.99)

33. ASAP/OMFG Totable ($16), 34. birds & nests rubber stamps ($30), 35. classic noel debra organizer ($155), 36. Simple Pink Birds File Folder ($13.95), 37. Cassette Tape Dispenser ($28.95), 38. Thomas Paul Pencil Cup ($6), 39. striped notepad ($12), 40. Veneer Hanging File Folders ($15), 41. Magnetic Paper Clips ($9.99), 42. Monogrammed Sticky Notes ($14), and 43. Enzo Mari: Timor Desk Calendar ($149)

thought of the day : you are...

"My Coffee," a new print from the always-stylish Keep Calm Gallery (£22.00)


flickr photo of the day : lush.

Untitled by ruzavizefyrai.

nice package.

I was so happy to catch up on my Google Reader today and see that Ez just started a brand new Etsy shop called Nice Package. It's a shop completely dedicated to putting together creative packages- such a nice idea.

ten images of inspiration : farm life.

Good Monday morning/afternoon everyone! We're experiencing our second day of gorgeous weather here in Portland and do you know what I'm thinking about? Being on a farm somewhere here in the northwest. As much as I adore the city and feel like I need to be near it, I am also such a country girl at heart. Today would just be one of those perfect days that I would love to be setting a pie out on the windowsill, picking veggies, and falling asleep on the grass in the middle of nowhere. Instead, though, I will just look at these stunning photographs and daydream.

Sources (from top to bottom): Alicia J. Rose, Tara Donne, Ngoc Minh Ngo, Teen Vogue, Lara Ferroni, Mikkel Vang, Miha Matei, Sara Remington, Jason Loucas, and Debi Treloar.


flickr friday : from scratch.

First, I must apologize for not posting today and much of yesterday. My parents are in town, so we have been quite busy. But I will see you all on Monday!

Second, please enjoy these beautiful images of baking/cooking from scratch. I plan to do quite a bit of it this weekend. Xoxo.

flickr friday : from scratch.

1. baking, 2. csp: scratch baking, 3. messy morning baking, 4. baking cookies, 5. baking, 6. skinning hazelnuts, 7. at the ready, 8. making tangerine cookies, 9. rustic apple tart, 10. Avgolemono, 11. The Knead for Love, 12. finally., 13. homemade yogurt, 14. Caramelized cipollini, 15. ooey and also gooey, 16. i heart weekends filled with ...

thought of the day : like stars.

"ideas are like stars," as seen on robayre's photostream.


happy birthday...

to my very dear friend, the overly talented Abby Powell-Thompson, who turned 27 today. Because it's her birthday and because she's fabulous, everything in her shop today is 27 percent off (just enter "birthday" at checkout.) Go purchase something and wish her a wonderful day!

interior inspiration : bright whites.

I am sure if you've been reading this site for any period of time, you know that I am a girl who really loves color, however, I do frequently find all-white interiors to be very beautiful. Every once in awhile I need a little bit of clean simplicity, at least just to look at.

Sources (from top to bottom): Shootfactory, LivingEtc, Jason Loucas, Alexander von Berge, Gemma Comas, Design*Sponge: Emma Cassi, Polly Wreford, Trine Thorsen, Hulya Kolabas, Airspace, Shootspaces, and Nicolas Matheus.
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