ten images of inspiration : from the garden.

It's springtime. Planting gardens and throwing garden parties are what it is all about.

Sources (from top to bottom): Denise Grunstein, Abby Powell, Philip Newton, Colin Pantall, Jacqueline Vessid, Ngoc Minh Ngo, Palookaville, The Habit of Being, Katie Coleslaw, and Debi Treloar.

freebie of the day : aerograms.

Today's freebie: A set of three different aerograms (a retro envelope/note sheet combination) from the folks at Felt and Wire. I have a feeling these are going to come in handy. (Via Emily Abigail)

flickr photo of the day : a moment.

"eaten alive" by Federico Erra.

illustration collection : anthropomorphism.

I am actually in the process of starting a gallery of them on one of our bathroom walls. I have always been madly in love with pictures of animals with human characteristics.


1. The Duke Of NY riding his bike print by Matte Stephens ($60), 2. the blue cardigan with the red buttons by Fifi Lapin ($35), 3. El Gato Elegante by Rosie Music ($20), 4. Giraffe print 8x10 by Berkley Illustration ($15), 5. Kitten and Bird by Lisa Evans ($25), 6. Giraffe Girl 2 by Karen O’Bryan ($15), 7. Mini Cute and Wild Prints by Mareike Auer ($40), 8. Fox Tea by Julianna Swaney ($23), 9. elephant girl by Ashley Alexander ($40), 10. Peacock Girl PRINT by Cindy Tomczyk ($15), and 11. Tools of the Trade Print by Betsy Walton ($35)


thought of the day : all through the storm.

"your love is the anchor," from the portfolio of British illustrator Ellie Cryer.

interior inspiration : decorative letters.

I have quite a few big letters around our home, but these make me yearn for more...

Sources (from top to bottom): James Merrell, Lucas Allen, Design*Sponge: Charise Harper, LivingEtc, Wary Meyers, Gudrun Sjödén, Ace Hotel, Catherine Gratwicke, Lars Ranek, Mikael Dubois, Nicolas Matheus, and Marie Claire Maison.

freebie of the day : spring kindred.

Holly and Ez have done it again, creating a Spring version of their well-loved collaboration, Kindred. This time the artist contributors include Fifi Lapin, Amy Ng, Hadley Hutton, Danna Ray, Jennifer Buckley, Lisa Golightly, Marisa Anne Haedike, and Shanon Gass, as well as Ez and Holly themselves. Such an impressive bunch.

Also, there are a couple of new downloadables on the site: "Hello Sunshine" note cards and gratitude notes. I cannot wait to see what else they have planned for future months!

flickr photo of the day : waiting.

"ждать......" by sergeyloie.


a whole lotta mugs (35 to be exact.)

It is somewhat silly how obsessed I am with mugs. Ever since I can remember, I have found excitement is finding adorable vintage Japanese mugs at thrift stores and ones with adorable patterns from my favorite shops. I suppose it makes sense with the amount of coffee and tea I drink each day- I have a mug basically attached to my hand a large portion of the time. I am currently daydreaming of finding a beautiful antique cabinet to stuff full with pretty cups (we have no space for any more at the moment!)

1. utopia boy/girl mug ($24), 2. Numerical Mug, 18 ($6), 3. Morino Mug Cup (price unknown), 4. Tea & Toast (£15), 5. Etc Multi Stem Mug ($22), 6. Red 186 C Pantone Mug (£7.83), 7. Cherry Mug Pink (£7.50), 8. 04 (price unknown), 9. New York Coffee Cup ($14), 10. Stilla Latte Mug Black ($22), 11. London Classic Mug (£7), and 12. 1 blue tea cup ($27)

13. Memo Notebook Mug 12oz ($12.95), 14. Pepe and Friends Rosenthal Kitty Mug (£9.79), 15. CafeMug Monotone_bird cage (1,260YEN), 16. Facile Lid Mug_Duck (1,050YEN), 17. An Apple A Day Mug (£6.36), 18. mr. p lick ($12.50), 19. Keep Calm and Carry On Mug (£9.50), 20. Multidot Porcelain Mug ($14), 21. neighborhood mug ($28), 22. Charlie & Lola -Excuse Me This Is My Mug (£7.34), and 23. Black Leaves Mug with Lid ($18)

24. Love Mug in a Box - Multi Coloured (£9.95), 25. mug, superstripe old blue (£10), 26. Alphabet Mug Letter H ($10.95), 27. Iittala Taika Mug, Black & White ($22), 28. B of the Bang (£10), 29. Bambi Mug (£10.50), 30. mug - the medina (AU $19.95), 31. Gold & Lace Mug ($14), 32. Brooklyn Mug ($10.95), 33. It's a Beautiful Day! Mug (£6.36), 34. Rainy Monday Mug ($8), and 35. Chalk Board Mug ($10)

thought of the day : love is...

"Love Is The New Black," from The Love Shop. (8x10-inch limited edition print, $25)

ten images of inspiration : food photography & styling.

Am I making you hungry yet?

Photographers/stylists (from top to bottom): Deirdre Rooney, Con Poulos, Molly Wizenberg, Lara Ferroni, Johnny Miller, Anna Williams, Lara Hata, France Ruffenach, Aran Goyoaga, and Emma Lee.


flickr photo of the day : yellow.

Untitled by loou.

accessories & apparel collection : prairie style.

In my opinion, this style is warm-weather perfection. I love the idea of throwing on a flowy sundress and a pair of old lace-up boots and taking a walk along a river or through a charming neighborhood. It is no secret that I am waiting very impatiently for the cold to stop and the coats to come off.

prairie style.

1. Pins and Needles Prairie Dress ($69.99), 2. Prairie Breeze Blouse ($78), 3. Plain & Fancy Dress ($99.95), 4. Washed Leather Slot Through Clutch (£24.50), 5. Colette Powell Two Tone Pocket Dress (£40), 6. Seychelles Lace Up Foldover Boot ($178), 7. Rosa Gallica Scoopneck ($59.95), and 8. Prairie Cloth Dress ($99.95)

poppytalk : guest blogging.

I am so excited to announce that I will be guest blogging on poppytalk this week! Jan is by far one of my favorite bloggers, so I am completely honored to be a part of her site. You can check out my first post on Portland artwork right here, and be sure to follow poppytalk throughout the week (and of course, if you don't follow it already, be sure to add it to your daily reads!)
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