interior inspiration : stripes in the home.

The internet is back! Thank goodness, I was starting to lose it. Anyways, here is a collection that is close to my heart. I will not lie, I am completely in love with stripes (if you have not noticed it by now.) Mostly, I love them when it comes to fashion, but they frequently add great style to homes. Stripes, you are adored.

Sources (from top to bottom): LivingEtc, The Selby, Design*Sponge: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, LivingEtc, Sk├Âna hem, LivingEtc, Chris Everard, LivingEtc, Design*Sponge: Joy Thigpen, Johnny Santo Domingo, and Nicolas Matheus.


  1. These add so much more depth to a room

  2. Love this collection, it makes me want to haul out some painters tape and get cracking!

  3. I also love the stripes!
    The first photo is my favorite. I have a question for you. Know what is the table of the fourth picture? I look for a long time but no one can tell me who is ...

  4. i love all of these pictures! beautiful choices! :)

  5. Swooning over the horizontal stripes in black and white (picture 2). I wish the link provided was a direct link to the actual post with who should be credited with the picture. It just links to The Selby, but could be anywhere on there.

  6. I too am COMPLETELY obsessed with stripes. Was going to tape and paint our front foyer in order to do some black stripes, and then happened upon this ah-mazing stuff called Wall Pops.

    They're vinyl wall stripe decals! And they ended up looking way better than my janky paint job would have I'm sure!

    You can see how it came out in this second photo from our AT small/cool entry! (it looks a lot like your pic 2): http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/ny/small-cool-2010/small-cool-2010-ericas-layered-light-little-division-28-114683

    Sidenote: two years later and its really held up well!


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