ten images of inspiration : back to baking.

One of my favorite things about the arrival of fall is the fact that I will be going back to spending more time in my kitchen baking. When the weather cools, I cannot help but turn on the oven and start making breads and various sweets. My baker heart (and hand) is ready.

Sources (from top to bottom): unruly things, Tina Rupp, Marcus Nilsson, Katie Helmer, Johnny Miller, Lara Robby, Tara Donne, Jennifer Causey, Toby Glanville, and Laurie Frankel.


  1. i love desserts & the pics also... especialy the colours & the shapes in the first four... lovely & simple :o)


  2. i love baking and my favorite pies to make are pumpkin and pecan. but i absolutely love apples and cannot find an apple pie recipe i like...any suggestions?

  3. well, well. These photo's sure are inspiring! I love the first one, with the heart.
    p.s I love your 'baker' tat. its super!

  4. Baking this time of the year rocks! On the note of baking, I have to say that I truly miss the recipes you shared before. That pear and cranberry pie recipe I found thanks to you is still a fave. :)

  5. i totally agree, i am ready to start baking too!


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