interior inspiration : (more) black walls.

I've posted about black walls before and I am quite sure that I will do it again... I just love them so very much. Someday I will paint one of my own, for this I know.

Sources (from top to bottom): Adrian Briscoe, Lonny, Flickr: the happy home, Freunde von Freunden, Polly Wreford, jj Locations, sfgirlbybay, LoftLife, housetohome, and Lonny.


  1. I'm toying with the idea of a black wall. So dramatic! But then I think abut how much of a pain it would be to paint over if I change my mind...

  2. That black bathroom looks beautiful. I would consider it (only if it had the greatest of natural light, of course)

  3. First image is stunning. Black wood panelling is just sublime.

    Great blog. Keep up the great works.

  4. I love how dramatic black walls are!

  5. Still trying to decide if a black or charcoal wall will be making an appearance in my house. Love these pics.


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