Let me tell you, I don't what I have gotten myself into. Within the next three weeks, I have three different parties I'll be hosting at my house, all in honor of friends and family. As much as I love hosting, I must say, I am rather overwhelmed. But thanks to the usual inspiration that Pinterest gives me, I am at least quite filled with creative ideas for my upcoming occasions. Wish me luck!

Pinboards (from top to bottom): Ez Pudewa, suann song, Colleen Ludovice, sfgirlbybay / victoria smith, Christine Castro Hughes, Jordan Ferny, HelloSandwich, Kelly Beal, Coco | Roost, Style Me Pretty.


  1. Great collection! Just to let you know that the pair of images third down is by Our Labor of Love.

  2. Great compilation. I must admit I am a pinterest junkie and haven't come across those. The dip dyed? paper balls lanterns look amazing and might just solve my obsession for how I could turn cheap white ones into something fun.

    Have fun hosting all those parties.

  3. I'm beyond jealous. Living away from family and friends makes you miss the days that you can entertain at home. But it's something i look forward to this summer vacay! Hope everything turns out well lady! x


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