waldo pancake.

Waldo Pancake's packaging designs are too fabulous for words. So darn creative, silly, and totally adorable. Check out his flickr photos for more inspiring images.


  1. thanks for featuring me!
    jim (waldo pancake)

  2. This blog makes me jealous for tons of things I can't afford. It is an aesthetic overload in the best and worst way.

    I read the entry with 8 Random things. Migraines are scary.. They feel like they'll never end, and I always forget how terrible they are until I'm having one again.

    I am only 21, but I am the exact same way with regards to kids! I had a few boyfriends, but since I was a preteen or so I was adamant about how I never wanted children. Now I live with a boyfriend I am completely in love with and all I do is picture perfect babies.

    I am also the same way in that I sway between complete cynic and optimist. Not just in love, but in general.


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