etsy finds of the week.

1. The Four Seasons Wall Plates from Bailey Doesn't Bark ($200), 2. Chocolate Cake Tonight on Butter Colored Tile from maizie jane ($20), and 3. words on your wrist- wooden bangle bracelet with stamped text from paloma's nest ($18)

4. Bird Nest Tea Bowl from peppa studio ($32), 5. French Clouds (Black) - Japanese Linen Blend from good-ness ($8.50), and 6. The Three Grannies. apple plush bowl fillers from La Pomme ($28.50)

7. Twill Bird Bag from oelle m. ($216), 8. Cute Original Collage - girl and bird from cabin + cub ($25), and 9. Feel Stickers from feel design ($3)


  1. I totally love those bracelets. Those are so lovely.

  2. Love those four seasons wall plates! My mom had a vintage kitschy set in our kitchen growing up. Those are a nice mod update. Great finds!

  3. Four Seasons Wallplates... *lusts*

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love number 2!

  5. I love number 2!


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