beautiful journals.

1. Red Spokes Notebook ($8.50), 2. Papierkunst Scrapbook ($32), 3. Herbivores Notebook ($8.95), 4. Sunblooms Bound Journal ($9.95), 5. multi-stem small journal ($25), 6. "Things To Note" Dot Notebook ($13.50), 7. Secret Gardens Flexible Journal (£5.00), and 8. alphabet notebook ($12)


  1. I love notebooks. Since I was 13 I have been writing an illustrated journal so there´s a pile of them in my room. Certainly, when I started there was no much types of blank books to choose, but lately... I´m going crazy around the net 'cause I would buy it all...

    I love your blog, keep on bringing the good stuff!

  2. i love that fourth one! swoon!

  3. Oh I'm so pleased the one I like is from a UK-based company :)
    I'm really fussy when it comes to purchasing journals - they have to be plain paper. It is so frustrating when I find a beautiful one only to discover it has been 'ruined' by the addition of lines!
    If I find the perfect journal, but dislike the cover, I will personalise it by making my own cover. Infact, in a lot of cases covering the journal is a big part of the journal itself.

  4. Oh so pretty! I actually am currently using the #4 one and I love it!

  5. waw i love this blog, really compact simple and neat! great notebooks :)

    take care & hope to hear from you!


  6. Love them especially number 7!

    You have a great blog ♥


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