etsy finds of the week.

1. Tightrope Walker from Jacksonswift ($30), 2. Fashion Badges / Magnets from The Daily Max ($4), and 3. White Swing Necklace from Gas Up The Zamboni ($15)

4. Desire from Paulette Edition ($25), 5. Desk Notebook in Iris from SusyJack ($12), and 6. A little bit of love Heart Ring from Zahour Jewelry ($50)

7. Little Reminders - 20 Helpful Cards for the Tongue-Tied from Field & Sea ($7), 8. Birch Top from Little Houses ($80), and 9. Kitchen Tea Towel from Munch ($12)


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  2. oh wow i love that swing necklace! and only $15! i may treat myself to it.

  3. the heart ring is to die for. Great finds!!!


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