canvas wall art.

1. Wall Print: Flower Bed ($50), 2. Peacock Collage Art ($108), 3. Purple Sofa Stretched Canvas Print 9 x 9 ($9), 4. Inhabit Madera in Chocolate Stretched Canvas ($70), 5. Alphabet ($399.95), 6. Chris Rubino Birdcage Wall Art ($30), 7. Amenity Nursery Wall Prints - Woods Small ($70), 8. Paris or Rome? Print ($320.00 – $650.00), and 9. Tree House ($44.95-$84.95)


  1. oooo I like them all, but number 5 is my fave. a lovely selcetion

  2. wow! what a wonderful blog! have had a blast looking through everything!!!

  3. Hi
    My names Chanelle and im from Australia,i come to your site everyday,you could say im obsessed!
    theres only one thing that upsets me and thats,that there is hardly any sites you feature that ship to Australia :(
    So i find really cute stuff but am unable to buy them.
    I was wondering if you'd possibly concider doing a small section on things that can be bought in Australia,id really appriciate it soooo much if you could find the time.
    Anyway i love your finds keep up the good work!

  4. Love 'em all, but #6 is darling!

  5. I love the Tree House...I've always wanted a real one...

  6. I love #7 -- the deer!


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