this is halloween.

Be prepared for a whole slew of Halloween posts for the month of October. It is my favorite holiday and I get quite excited over all the paper goods, treats, and decorations.

1. happy halloween cards - set of 5 ($16), 2. Halloween A7 Flat Letterpress Invitation, Box of 8 ($18.50), 3.
Fill-In Invitation, Skull & Bones
($16.95), 4. Cat Invitations - 8 Ct ($9.99), 5. Ghoul's Delight ($3), 6. All Hallows Eve, Original Acrylic painting ($95), 7. Happy Halloween - Postcard ($3.30), 8. Pin the Tail on the Scaredy Cat Game ($12.95), and 9. trick or treat greeting ($3)


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  2. Great picks! I love Halloween too! Candy....yum. What is your kid going as?

    I can't wait to have one so I can make a cool costume!


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