etsy finds of the week.

1. Rain - Limited Edition Gocco Print from JuliaBe ($20), 2. Lacy Turtle from alli coate ($95), and 3. nest collage from Cosas Minimas ($35)

4. heart frame purse from emedemarta ($46.90), 5. Cuckoo clock. M8N4 necklace. Black acrylic. Laser cut. from Marmod8 ($30), and 6. Cashmere Legwarmers from The Adventures of Jessica Rose ($75)

7. yeti from ittichips ($29), 8. Ruffle Apron WOMEN in Yellow from MyModern ($28), and 9. gladys - original oil painting from this is all i know ($95)


  1. Love the heart frame purse. I really enjoy your etsy finds of the week - there are really lots of fantastic things on etsy and if it wasn't for you I would never discover them all!

    Thanks x x

  2. Great finds! I especially love the Rain print :)


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