today, today.

I really hope that all of you are voting today or have voted already (here in Oregon we have the luxury of being able to vote by mail weeks ahead). This is such an important day in history and I urge you all to be a part of it.

vote today!
1. Vote Tee ($16.90), 2. Vote! Bumper Sticker ($0.99), 3. Feel Good & VOTE! Soap ($8), 4. Patriotic Vote Tote ($10.90), 5. Sunglasses Vote Tee ($14.99), 6. "Smart Women" Elect To Make A Difference Mug ($12.95), 7. Vote Screenprint ($15), 8. My Vote Rocks Tee ($9.99), and 9. Voter Ribbon - No. 1 ($12)


  1. your vote round-up is awesome - it Barack's my socks off! (that was admittedly horrible, but i couldn't help myself...)



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