holiday gift guide : artwork.

Because, really, I think it is one of the best things to give as a present.

1. Gift Print by Im Smitten ($40), 2. Animal Print...Fox by Sarah McNeil ($28), 3. Little Acorn, Print by Marjorie Liucci ($17), 4. Knowing - ACEO 1 by Bec Winnel ($5), 5. I like my shoes by Askey ($20), 6. Socktopus Art Print by Susie Ghahremani ($20), 7. Imperial Giclee Print by Michele Maule ($20), 8. Ballerina print by Ward Jenkins ($25), 9. Summer Friends Print by Chet & Dot ($18), 10. Divert by Camilla Engman ($160), and 11. Tag You're It by Heidi Burton ($25)

12. beehive bubbles print neato by Matte Stephens ($35), 13. Clifford by Ashley Goldberg ($35), 14. Barely able to draw breath by Olivia Jeffries ($17.50), 15. Quiet Spirits - Print by Catherine Campbell ($18), 16. Squirrel Girl Print by Emily Martin ($18), 17. California Condor - Signed Archival Print by Lisa Congdon ($35), 18. Banjo Bear by Julianna Swaney ($30), 19. We Are All Connected ($39.99), 20. My First Piano Print by Christina Vantzou ($45), 21. original drawing with watercolor - you hold me together by Heather Smith Jones ($23), and 22. Mistletoe Miniature - Handcut Original Silhouettes by Pen and Paper ($19)

23. Self Portrait 3 Print by Mareike Auer ($40), 24. Cakes by Henni Haworth (£90.00), 25. Owl Silk Screen Limited Edition Print by Amy Ruppel ($35), 26. Come On by Molly Butterfoss ($20), 27. little savages 8 by Fawn Gehweiler (price unknown), 28. Limited Edition Print (Shroom party) by APAK ($15), 29. Poster - Katta by Studio Violet ($25), 30. Blue Horses by Saelee Oh ($75), 31. the califoregon meadowlark print by Jill Bliss ($40), and 32. Mrs. Beaver by Lori Joy Smith ($85)


  1. Oh my goodness. Such wonderful choices! I think I want them all!!

  2. I love the cakes prints. There are so many great picks here-great job. I definitely see some that would make great gifts for friends and family!

  3. Great picks! I can't pick my favorite, I love them all so much!

  4. That's a nice set of art! :)

  5. These are all so pretty -- but I was thrilled to see Susie Ghahremani included here! I love your blog and Susie is an old friend. It made me so happy, because her work is beautiful and so is she! yay!!!


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