flickr friday : sunlight.

We have been lucky enough to have a whole lot of it here in Portland this past week. With all the usual rain, sunshine is something I truly appreciate when it shows up.

friday flickr : sunlight.
1. afternoon (de)light, 2. overflow, 3. sunday morning, 4. apples, 5. the best time of day, 6. sorting dishes, 7. it was all about boots and cameras, 8. cup of tea, 9. you are my morning light, 10. sundtorp, 11. The Beach House, 12. Bubbly, 13. rising, 14. vintage berry baskets, 15. we came home, 16. takéto slnečné


  1. Simple and lovely. I always love looking at what you find...

  2. gorgeous photos, how do you make these flickr collages? i guess im a lil slow and i can't figure it out :)

  3. Just lovely :)
    Really captures a certain 'mood', if you know what I mean...

  4. Just realised you've got one of my images in there! No. 3. Thanks for the compliment :)

  5. pretty! these make me want to wash all my windows and let the sunlight in!

    love your blog!


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