style icon : elvis costello.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend. I would like to introduce a new section of my site called Style Icons. I always enjoy doing fashion posts on here, and I always love the sections in blogs/magazines such as Nylon and WhoWhatWhere dedicated to the fashion choices of specific individuals. And so, here I go, starting with one of my all-time favorite musicians: the fabulous Elvis Costello, whose style has always struck me as what cool is all about.

style icons : elvis costello.
1. Straw Fedora ($9.80), 2. risky business glasses ($11), 3. Tailor Gabe blazer ($365), 4. Boosted Stiloso Headphones ($62), 5. Dit Dot Silk Cravat (£18), and 6. Elvis Costello - My Aim Is True (LP) ($11.77+)


  1. oh gosh love elvis.
    it's amazing how timeless his coolness is---i saw him in concert a couple years ago and it was wonderful to see how "with-it" he still is, really without even trying. he will never go out of style.

    im very much looking forward to the rest of the style icons.

  2. thank you for this! i love your blog, and am still in love with mister costello after all these years. love it!

  3. I am SO with you on this. He has always been one of my style icons too...


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