apparel & accesories collection : black and white.

I am sure many of you know by now that I love colors- soft pinks, powder blues, and bold reds. I don't know what it is lately though (perhaps the return of neon colors everwhere?), but I seem to be sticking more to blacks and whites when it comes to getting dressed. It really is such a classic combination.

1. Comme des Garcons Play - Big Heart Tee (€73, currently sold out), 2. Laundry canvas tote (£65), 3. Comedy and Tragedy Dress ($79.99), 4. Butterfly-embellished skirt (£250), 5. Mouse, Marc by Marc Jacobs (£154.99), 6. Jane merino sweater (£200), 7. H81 Crossword Puzzle Tank ($10.90), and 8. A Violent Sensual Sensitive Girl V-Neck ($32)


  1. So beautiful! Black and white is such a classic combo :) Love them all!!

  2. Such cute stuff! I really like the butterfly skirt, and tote, and the crossword puzzle tank!:)

  3. I need this all! I love black! I have Color Palette of the Day posts every once in awhile, you should check it out! It has my favorite things/wants in a special color, from clothes to cards to random things!
    Love your site...

  4. I am very partial to black because it is so classic! Even my wedding was hot pink and black!

  5. The design team I work with made the crossword puzzle shirt for Heritage 1981 :)
    It looks great in this set!


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