art collection : polaroid prints.

Oh, Polaroid cameras, how I love the beautiful photographs they take. I miss the film terribly- let's all hope someday it will be back.

1. Blooming by Rachel Ballard ($22), 2. Ruby Reds by Amanda Gilligan ($25), 3. Pencil Hearts - Poladoodle print by Lilacmoon Studio ($26), 4. Owl on Page, print by Elizabeth Soule ($25), 5. cargo glass polaroid print 5"x5" by Abby Powell Thompson ($9), 6. put your records on 5x7 by Andrea Jenkins, 7. Apples - 8x8 Fine Art Photograph by Susannah Tucker ($25), 8. fern hands by Cori Kindred ($32), and 9. Foxglove- Original Signed Fine Art Photograph by Alicia Bock ($35)


  1. The world needs these images and all the ones yet created by these wonderful artists. Long live polaroid! =)

  2. i know! i can't get enough of polaroids. beautiful shots.

  3. ah what a beautiful collection of photographs! i'm dying to own a polaroid camera. maybe someday...


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