etsy finds of the week.

1. The Loveliest Sailor Nautical Tank from BeckyDrolen Vintage ($20), 2. Custom Silhouette Pillow - 14x14 from le papier studio ($30), and 3. Vintage ship in the bottle from Ukraine from Spacejam's Vintage ($25)

4. Hexagonal - Stainless Steel from brevity ($60), 5. 12, memorandum from et al., etc. ($10), and 6. The Portrait 5x7 Fine Art Print from The Light Fantastic ($10)

7. Custom Heart Sampler from Miniature Rhino ($55), 8. Elefant parade. Set of 6 letterpressed note cards from Salt & Syrup ($18), and 9. 8x10 Miracle of Five from f2 images ($25)


  1. The custom silhouette pillow makes my heart swoon!

  2. these are all really good. i especially love that ship in a bottle!

  3. perfect round-up. I want everything!

  4. those custom embroideries are so very very lovely indeedy


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