collections : keyed in.

1. Heart Keys ($4), 2. antique skeleton key necklace
($12), 3. Signage - Keys Made ($150), 4. Vintage Skeleton Key ($8), 5. VYNIL + KEYS ($98), 6. Hybrid-Home Limited Edition Print - Key to a Broken Heart ($40), 7. 5 Porcelain Keys ($40), and 8. key hook rack ($24)


  1. keys are also on my obsessed with list right now. . .

  2. I would love to have a skeleton key necklace... I am just waiting to find the right one. (Well, I found one on Etsy, but it sold before I could get it for myself!)

  3. I was just looking at some at Urban Outfitters the other day... I love old keys, they're so pretty :)

  4. I think you may be the first person I've been able to find besides myself that is inspired by keys. :) I have some hanging above my bed, I love them!


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