portland local : canoe.

national park series.

I recently realized that it has been quite awhile since I did a mini-feature on a Portland shop, so while browsing in Canoe for the first time the other day, I decided to break out my film camera and take a roll of photographs. Canoe has been one of my favorite online shops ever since I started this blog, but somehow I have just never had luck when going out to visit the brick-and-mortar shop (it has always been after-hours or on a Monday, when they're closed), so I was happy to find it open the other day when I was downtown. The inside is gorgeous, as I had imagined, with all sorts of gorgeous oddities, beautifully-designed home goods, and some of the best looking office supplies I have seen. It is located around some of my favorite Portland spots (Ace Hotel, Clyde Common, The English Department, and Powell's Books), so if you are ever in town, I highly recommend heading that way and definitely making a stop inside Canoe (even if just to buy some of the prettiest jam jars around.)

1136 sw Alder
Portland, OR 97205


  1. Hah! They sell Weck jars? I thought you had to special order those from the UK! Thanks for posting about Canoe - I'm gonna go get me some jars. :)

  2. I love all your photographs. I went to portland once for a week, and i would love to go back. I did very touristy things- i'd love for a post about your favorite "locals only" places to go!

  3. these are lovely photos my dear!


  4. your photographs are gorgeous. makes me regret not going down to Portland the last time I went to Seattle. I'll definitely make a point of it next time. I'm given more and more reasons to lately.

  5. Those candle holders are such beauties. I have collected them for a few years now, and I've got 5 of their original versions from the 60s. (It's the Festivo series by Iittala -->) Happy February!


  6. This makes me want to jump on the train from Vancouver to Portland right now. It's been on my mind for a while to head down the coast and stay at the Ace Hotel and explore Portland. You're just making me want to go very badly!


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