collections : speaking french.

Ah, the language of love- I can't resist it.

1. Bonjour Tristesse T-Shirt Dress ($79), 2. je t'aime cards ($16), 3. French 101 Ribbon ($3.95), 4. French Lesson Panty ($65), 5. French Faire Tank ($11.80), 6. FRENCH ENVELOPE TRAY ($16), 7. Merci Large Rubber Stamp ($6.50), and 8. "Oui Oui" Hand Beaded Tee ($250)


  1. nice ! but the n°5 tee has some errors... ;) (we say Soleil, Bonheur, and La mer) but it's ok, french is difficult ;)

  2. oh this collection is so magnifique!
    I have a silver ring inscribed: vous et nul autre
    It encourages me to learn a few new French words every month...

  3. wow i can't believe forever 21 would print misspelled shirts. i'm from france and i find that embarrassing. shame on them for not doing their research.


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