record collections.

We just replaced our broken record player with a new one and I am so happy to be listening to our collection again. I get smitten with the look and sound of a spinning record, so it's nice to take peeks into the homes of fellow vinyl lovers.

Above homes (from top to bottom): William Eadon, Matthew Mau, Jesse & Whitney Chamberlin, Ian & Marc Hundley, and unknown from LivingEtc.


  1. My husband has a huge record collection and I love it. I much prefer the sound of records to Itunes, CDs, etc.

  2. Oh I love records, and record covers for that fact !!!

  3. Are you happy with the new record player you bought? I have my parents' old records, and have thought about converting them to mp3 eventually, but I would also like to just be able to listen to them. I've been playing with the idea of getting their old player up and running again, but haven't gotten to it - and in the meantime, I've made a number of moves with all of these records that are just collecting dust!

  4. I love that 'See Mystery Lights' print - does anyone know where it's from?

  5. Yes, I think so too! Vinyl looks and sounds so great!!
    Thanks for sharing, here's another collection.


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