love in the photobooth.

Whether it's friendly love or romantic love, I love how photobooths are perfect in capturing a fun moment in time with someone you adore, as well as an instrument for expressing your love. Once again, Happy Valentine's Day folks- je vous adore tout.

Flickr sources (from left to right, top to bottom): girlhula, Alicia, Mary..., cori kindred, girlhula, Christian Montone, moxiee, and signs and wonders.


  1. so romantic! we went to a photobooth but it was out of order:( huge bummer.


  2. i'm just waiting to go to berlin to take some great pictures i one of those black and white analogic photomatons! it's a pitty they don't longer exist in many cities...

    great blog!

  3. These are so adorable! I want to find a traditional photobooth like these- all the ones I have come across are the kawaii-stickery-ones. Cute blog!

  4. hey the first photo to the right is me! :D


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