ten images of inspiration : soft and dreamlike.

I'm leaving you for the week with some dreamy shots to start a hopefully relaxing and very lovely weekend. See you Monday!

Sources (from top to bottom): Denise Grunstein, Olivia Bee, Max Wanger, Cig Harvey, Skye Parrott, Alice B. Gardens, Jessica Silversaga, Cori Kindred, Lauren Dukoff, and Irene Suchocki.


  1. Gorgeous. Makes me wanna walk on a pier holding hands or something.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. i love that beach image at the very top. beautiful blues and yellows.

  3. I love the ferris wheel! I spent a day at a beach carnival once with just a disposable kodak and the pictures actually turned out pretty cool!

  4. I am loving these images - now I'm dying for a vacation!

    Have a fabulous weekend & a lovely Valentine's Day.

    xo Katy

  5. That girl in the second picture goes to my school. I just found that very surprising.


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