collections : the roaring twenties.

On Saturday, I happily sat in a movie theater and watched Midnight in Paris, which not only did I thoroughly enjoy, but it also once again reignited my deep love for the early twentieth-century. I get so captivated by the music, art, style, and crazy soirees... ah, those golden twenties.

1. Silk Husbands and Calico Wives Movie Poster ($13.49), 2. Silent Passageway Dress ($119.99), 3. The Very Best of Cole Porter ($10.65), 4. Art Deco Vintage Bracelet Art Deco Jewelry Pot Metal 1920s ($115), 5. In with the Nouveau Earrings ($12.99), 6. Fashion Sourcebook 1920s ($45), 7. Antique Settee ($3,995), 8. 1920s naughty magazine "Hot Dog Masquerade" ($20), 9. vintage 1920s dress / indigo blue velvet ruffles and bows flapper dress ($118), and 10. 1927 HMV Gramophone Model 101 in Black (£1150)


  1. Ahhhh, I agree! Since I saw the movie in May, I have been obsessed with 20's style dresses... let's throw a party! :D

  2. I am throwing a Gatsby party in a few weeks - thanks for the tips!

  3. i'm obsessed with Midnight in Paris!!! great collection, loving 2,4, and 5!

  4. The twenties is one of my favorite decades - this is stunning. I can't wait to see the film myself!


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