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I have recently realized that since I have quite a few male readers, there needs to be more posts geared towards the boys. So once again I have asked Mr. Williams, the dapper gentleman I spend plenty of time with, to share his fashionable picks for men's style. I'll say, that gent has a good eye for good style.

1. Reverse Seam Inside Pocket L/S ($188), 2. Sinclair ($95), 3. Charcoal Danny Messenger Bag, Ally Capellino (£155), 4. Necktie ($33, currently not for sale), 5. Hylton Cardigan (£80), 6. Sid Boot ($675), 7. The Oakenfield Sock (£16.50), 8. Icon Printed Credit Card Holder ($95), 9. Sandbanks Trouser (£165), 10. Washed Japanese Oxford Button Down ($152), 11. Oxford ($79.99), and 12. Leather Flask ($125)


  1. i love this summer. i tend to like guy style sometimes better than girl style so this is right up my alley.

  2. Love this post! I adore menswear.

  3. Love it! Something about menswear that I have always loved. All of it is super cute for my boy... but I think I'd take it for myself ;)

  4. I'm a girl and I can see myself wearing most of this especially that cardigan.


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