apparel & accessories collection : think pink.

Truth-be-told, this collection was thought up while watching Funny Face for the millionth time last night- this scene specifically. One of the reasons I love pink so much is that it makes me think of the 50s and 60s, when pink was all the rage.

1. Bonaire rosa Vintage Sunglasses ($39), 2. Eastward Dress Coat ($288), 3. Ice-cream Brooch ($16.43), 4. Laura Dress by Jones and Jones (£60), 5. Bright Pink Plain Stretch Ballet Pump ($115.50), 6. Dirty Pink Short Sleeve Scallop Tiered Blouse ($56), 7. Pink Rosebud Hair Clip ($12), 8. Large Leather Satchel (£79.95), 9. flowers of the field floral skirt ($42.99), 10. vintage 1970's PARIS ROSE wool beret ($20), and 11. Chambray Dot Nightie ($85)


  1. The Think Pink section is really one of the best from the entire movie!

  2. All colors are so graceful..thanks for the great collection..

  3. your collection is very nice, love pink too! I wish if I could know how can I make a set collection like yours with numbers in one image?


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