These brand new science posters by Jessica Rose of Vol. 25 are absolutely wonderful. I have this one hanging up on our bedroom wall and it is by far one of my favorite pieces of art in our home. Each is printed on textured canvas and comes in beautiful deep, vibrant colors. Here's a little bit on how these vintage-inspired science posters came to be...

"We moved into a cabin in the mountains the beginning of January/ 2013. The cabin we moved into has beautiful wood lining the ceilings, beams, and throughout the house. I've found my home decor style evolving into something a little more rustic, and natural. Lately I have been crushing on Science themed accessories and was immediately drawn to glass beakers and educational science charts. I was excited to think that I could create my own art, pulling inspiration from pages out of vintage text books, and old school charts. I digitally illustrate each one of these posters, and I use watercolor techniques to acquire a look reminiscent of an older time in our history. I've been digitally creating and printing my artwork for years, but I found that selecting, cutting and staining the wood for these posters, is a process I have really enjoyed."

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  2. Could
    Hi could you please tell me how you hung the top print with wood strips?
    I live in a rented house and its difficult to find ways for hanging larger artworks.
    Is it sandwiched between 2 pieces and screwed at the back?
    Thnx Helen beee


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