Before we moved from Portland to LA, we sold and gave away so much stuff. We knew that we would be downsizing from a house to an apartment (or condo, in our case) and that we had to fit all of our belongings into two small pods. Our old home was known as a museum of sorts, filled to the brim with an abundance of silly kitschy goods covering shelves and walls. Although I don't miss the clutter (the constant dusting was terrible), I am now craving a little more quirkiness in our California home. I think some pops here and there would be perfect and smile-inducing.

1. None Of Yo Bizness ($95), 2. Siamese Mood Lighting ($79), 3. Sundae Morning Pillow ($10.99, sale), 4. Wooden Dolls no. 3 ($190), 5. Vintage 8 1/2" Brass Pineapple Container ($154), 6. Log and Squirrel Paper Towel Holder ($50, sale), 7. Hello Tiger Table Lamp (£85), 8. Lion Face Clock 11 Inches ($120), 9. Boston Terrier Figure ($28), 10. Dog Lamp - Standing Dog (£120), 11. City Boy Bordfolk Egg Cup (£8), and 12. Key Target ($65)

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  1. Fun! I recently found a vintage glass pineapple with brass leaves at the thrift, and it's my most favorite thing ever.


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