the best of new york fashion week.

I know that I previously expressed feeling not-so-passionate regarding New York Fashion Week this season, but I must say that by the end of it, I ended up really loving a few of the collections (or just specific pieces.)

And so, here are my favorites of the week...

The designers/collections: 1. Rebecca Taylor, 2. L'Wren Scott, 3. United Bamboo, 4. Katy Rodriguez, 5. Tracy Reese, 6. Julian Louie, 7. Erin Fetherson, 8. Libertine, 9. Chris Benz, and 10. Anna Sui. (All images from Style.com)


  1. i agree with your love for #4. i would love one of those flouncy skirts so very much.

  2. Libertine might be my fave. All your choices are awesome


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