oh, how i just adore lettering.

1. universal filing system from Violet, 2. letter "b" tote from bang, 3. color theory t-shirt from Nina & Tom, 4. liquid soap from Little Hus, 5. wire "r" from Kristine Mays, 6. natural history dishware from Atelier Daguerre, 7. johnny cash onesie from Trendy Tadpole, 8. wall art with hooks from FluffyCo., 9. choices card from Day-Lab, 10. identiflyer tag from Flight 001, 11. digital print from My Little Underground, 12. wall calender from Nova 68, 13. i sew button from My My, 14. eye chart mirror from Thorsten Van Elten, 15. abc tiles from Anthropologie, and 16. alphabet cushion from Sukie.

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