pict : illustrators.

Japan-based Pict has been one of my favorite collections of illustrators for quite a long while. There is so much talent and eye candy on the website that it's almost overwhelming. I was planning on writing about each of my favorite illustrators featured on the site individually and spread over time, but there are just too many, so here are just some ones I love.

Artists featured: Akemi Tezuka, Azumi Mushi, Chinatsu, Futo Kawamura, Keiko Hirasawa, Machico, Micca, Nao Sakamoto, and Yuki Koinuma.


  1. Ooh, I love all of these as well! When I was in Japan, I was floored by all the beautiful artwork. Even the logos of many of the companies are gorgeous!

  2. yay! illustrations!



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