I am quite obsessed these days with the idea of learning calligraphy. I received a set of pens and ink during the holidays and I am finally making it a goal to teach myself. The past couple nights I have been looking at the work of many wonderful calligraphy artists that are so very talented at creating gorgeous lettering.

Rebecca Trawick of Bluebird Studios

Sylvia Cordero Vega

Maybelle of May+Bell

Claude Dieterich

Betsy Dunlap


  1. cheers to you on your first attempts with pens & ink! just this week i was adding this to my list of little life goals. looking forward to seeing how your exploration goes!

  2. silvia cordero vega was my teacher.., she's sooo great..!!!
    it's beautiful have a closer experience with calligraphy.. go ahead..! :)


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