a list.

Notes from a Friday night...

1. I apologize for being terribly behind in my emails. I plan to take a day very soon to go through them all and reply.
2. I am making a vow to not bake for two whole days. I am not sure if I can make it.
3. In conflict with the above statement, I cannot stop thinking about making this. It is way too beautiful for words- I will just have to wait until sometime next week.
4. I am rather obsessed with Lookbook. I always appreciate great style from all over the world.
5. There will be no Best of the week post this week. With a broken computer charger all week, I am way behind on my Google Reader. Next week!
6. This time of year is by far my favorite. Portland is absolutely gorgeous, the weather is amazing, and the produce at the farmers market is the best. Few things satisfy me more than a cool Autumn breeze coming through my back door in the morning while I am drinking tea and/or baking bread.
7. Sometimes white can be perfect.
8. My blue hair is fading and I haven't plucked my eyebrows in over a month. I need to freshen up.
9. I have many plans for this site. Someday soon I will sit down and write it all out and really get going with it all.
10. You all inspire me. You really do.

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