accessories & apparel collection: florals.

Can you tell I am quite eager for Spring to arrive?

collection : florals.
1. English Garden Dress ($283), 2. Cloude Dress ($122), 3. Jolene Watercolor Cardigan ($39.50), 4. The-Mind-Wanders Blouse ($88), 5. Vintage Print Dress (£260.00), 6. Star Roses Bucket Bag (£40.00), 7. Edelweiss Shift Dress ($110), 8. Blowfish Shelly Floral Flat ($59.50), 9. Aisha ($42), and 10. ASOS Border Print Flower Dress (£27.50)


  1. oh, i agree! i can't wait to see real flowers -- these floral prints are teasing me. i love the shoes!

  2. Ooh me too. I'm sick of winter. I want greens and pinks and yellows and a soft breeze and DAYLIGHT! :-)

  3. At the Buffalo Exchange in Austin, TX, a few days ago, there were tons of those Blowfish flats for a deep discount. Not all sizes were available, though.

  4. oh what a lovely collection.
    i love floral print!

  5. Love the ASOS dress! It reminds me of the Tracy Feith that Michelle Obama wore on the first day in office!


  6. I just found your wonderful blog some weeks ago, and wanted to thank you for finding all of these amazing things! I bought that floral dress by ASOS when I saw it here! And I LOVE it! Can't wait to wear it for Spring, here in Toronto is still so cold for it :)


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