best of the week.


  1. Well. So.
    I've been scanning over your blog for the past half-hour or so, and it is brimming with the purest form of Awesome. I am nearly convinced that few blogs have consistently kept me so interested and inspired.

    I feel like a bit of a sycophantic goon for complimenting your taste so profusely. But I felt it needed to be expressed. So, yes. Thank you for sharing all these fantastic things!

  2. Ahh, patterns, one of my true loves!

  3. Hey Summer! I have to tell you how much I like this place.
    It's allways a party when I haven't been on the internet for a couple of days because I know some fresh stuff is waiting for me here.
    Thank you so much for putting so much effort and nice things in your blog. I hope you will continue doing this untill you are old and wrinkled ;)

    love, christine


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