etsy finds of the week.

1. 100 percent organic tote- Handpainted from Carry Me Away ($20), 2. Man versus the Kangaroo Print from Michael C Hsiung ($12), and 3. doily drawing 3 from fieldguided ($25)

4. Owl from Three Sisters Ink ($15), 5. small branch handbag from kate durkin ($42), and 6. high waisted pencil skirt.....pure patchwork from Sohomode ($150)

7. Giclee Print (item No. P-2009-9) Sit Eat Enjoy from Jenn Ski ($41), 8. Super Bowl in Outfit pattern, Vapid colorway from Jill Rosenwald ($200), and 9. Little Red - Print from fall down tree ($15)


  1. haven't been here in a while and..as usual..I always get stunned with your beautiful creations

    lovely work

  2. I want just to say to you how much I love your blog.. Thank you!


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