new feature : freebie of the day.

So, in case you haven't noticed, it has been quite a long time since I last updated my Free Design blog. I think I got ahead of myself when I thought I could manage three weblogs at the same time. I am going to leave the site up, but I will no longer be adding new things to it. Not to fear though, I have decided to add a new feature to Design is Mine that will put all the free goodies I frequently gather to good use- a daily post featuring a well-designed and creative freebie! I have a ton saved that I cannot wait to share.

Today's freebie comes from the clever folks over at Egg Press and is featured over on Cookie Magazine's website: three absolutely adorable Printable Party Invitations. Just print out on some heavy stock paper and send them out. Too cute!


  1. so cute, i wish i was having a party so i could use them :)

  2. Hooray - this is great news. I am a big fan of the free design blog. :D

  3. what a great idea, i look forward to all the cute things you have in store :) 3 blogs is a lot, glad you were able to simplify!

  4. Great idea! I didn't think I could start following another blog so I'm glad you're incorporating this element into Design is Mine!


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