apparel collection : peter pan collars.

In my opinion, when it comes to woman's fashion, there is nothing more sweet or appealing to me than peter pan collars.

collection : peter pan collars.
1. Buckminster and Biltmore tops ($56 and $47.20), 2. Blue Peterpan Polo Dress (£38), 3. Doll Dress A-line ($138), 4. TAYLOR DRESS NAVY & BROWN ($100), 5. Navy dress with Peter Pan collar (£330), 6. everyday dress ($68), and 7. Ruffled silk blouse (£190)


  1. mmm yes pan collars are always nice

  2. i love the blue and brown dress! very cute. i definitely want to get a peter pan collar dress

  3. I love #2. and i really enjoy your sense of style, its nice to see the fun pieces on your blog instead of searching for them myself. :)


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